Turning low poly 3D models into geometric papercraft trophy templates

Making papercraft templates started as a fun idea. I have getting more and more advanced into working with 3D software, but always wanted to turn my digital creations into a real world things. I loved the geometric art that was getting popular at the time and decided to try and make something in that style as an exercise. This is how the Bear model was born. I have put the model of a Bear trophy on Etsy, not expecting anything and I got really surprised when someone bought my model. Now my models have been purchased from people in Mexico, Iceland, Japan, Australia and many more countries. They have been displayed on the Carnival in Rio and in schools in France and I can't get more proud of what I've done.

No matter if you are doing it just for fun in a rainy Sunday afternoon, or trying to involve your kids in a creative activity, I think you would love these models. They develop your patience, fine motor skills and bring out satisfaction when you see your finished model.


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